If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, it is important to back it up.


Why Back Up?

Many of my clients have given up their land lines and only use a smart phone for calling.  Plus they use their smart phone or tablets for many of the functions they typically used their computers for, such as e-mail, visiting websites, banking, writing letters, etc. With a backup, your apps and data are secure in case of damage or loss of your device. A new device can be made to look just like your current device.  Without a backup, your photos, apps, and documents may be lost forever.


Android Devices:

The contents, photos, apps and settings on your Android smart phone or tablet can be backed up to your Google Account.  In the event that your Android device stops working or needs to be replaced, the backup can be used to restore your Android device or a new Android device to look just like your current Android device. 


How to Back Up Your Android Devices:

In the Settings, you can configure back up to be automatic.  The back up then occurs when your device is plugged in and on your Wi-Fi.  Usually overnight.


Settings > System >  Backup > Turn On.


Your photos are backed up to your Google Photos Library.

Your files are backed up to your Google Drive.


Google give you 15 GB of Google Cloud space for free.  An additional 100 GB can be purchased for $1.99 per month. I recommend doing this if needed.


Apple Devices:

How to Backup Your Apple Devices:

Apple has made it simple to backup all of the apps and data on your Apple device to your iCloud account secured by your “Apple ID” credentials. The backup is done automatically by setting an iCloud option on your Apple device, connecting your Apple device to your Wi-Fi, and plugging it in to charge. This usually occurs when you are sleeping.


Apple gives you 5 GB of iCloud space at no charge.  If this is not enough, you may purchase another 50 GB extra space for just $0.99 a month. I recommend doing this, if needed.


Benefits of Having a Backup of Your Apple Devices

The iCloud backup of your Apple device is like a “clone” of your iPhone or iPad.  Apple users love their devices and seem to upgrade to newer devices every few years.  When setting up your new Apple device, you can choose to ‘restore’ from the iCloud backup of your older device.  When the restored setup completes, your new Apple device looks just like your old one, with all apps, photos, contacts, and files in place! Amazing!


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By Linda Lindquist,  August 21, 2023