Cleaning up your email

Some of my clients, myself included, have far too many e-mails clogging their INBOX. It is distracting and time consuming to look at the same list of e-mails several times, and to delete those e-mails that you are not interested in reading.


To reduce the flow of mail coming into your INBOX:

1. Open the e-mail, scroll down to the ‘unsubscribe’ link, and click ‘unsubscribe’. The sender will no longer send you e-mail.

2. Mark the e-mail as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’. This redirects future e-mail from this sender to your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder.

3. Delete the e-mail from your INBOX. This will move the e-mail to your ‘recently deleted’ folder, but not instruct your e-mail service to stop delivering in the future.


An easy way to clean up the mass of old e-mails is to sort the list by who it is FROM. This way you can unsubscribe or spam/junk one of the senders you are not interested in and then delete the rest of them. A few sessions of doing this and there will be far less incoming e-mail in no time.


I hope this helps you to slow down the flood of unwanted e-mails, and gives you back some time and control of your INBOX.


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By Linda Lindquist, August 14, 2023