Computer Service During April Stay-at-Home Order “PLEASE READ”

Computer and Internet Help is committed to continuing support for your computer issues during the Florida “stay-at-home” period designed to contain and reduce the coronavirus COVID-19 infections. 

So … in order to protect the health and well being of my clients and myself, I am ONLY DOING REMOTE SUPPORT during the month of April.  Priority will be given to anyone who has been ordered to remotely work from home to keep their business operational (per CISA memorandum, dated March 28, 2020).

That being said … just this week, some of my clients had computer problems that I deemed could not be handled remotely: hard drive failures, power supplies in towers died, internet modem failure, printer not working.  So … I did go to my client’s homes --- and am listing everyone I have had onsite contact with.  My colleagues have warned me NOT to do this and get more creative

For the next month (or so), I cannot in good conscience do any computer service at your home.  I have given a lot of consideration as to what I can do to serve you should you have no internet, a broken computer or printer that will not work.


  1. Power Reboot Your Modem
    1. Unplug the power cord from your modem / router
    2. Count to 30
    3. Plug in the power cord
    4. Wait for all lights to be green
    5. Restart your computer
    6. See if you have internet
  2. If you still have no internet
    1. Call your internet service provider (e.g., Comcast, CenturyLink, Broadstar, IPCaller, etc.)
    2. I will be happy to be a 3-way call interpreter, if you want me to.  Just ask.


  1. Remote support is not an option.  Describe to me exactly what you see.  Better yet, take a picture with your smart phone and email it to
  2. We can arrange to pick up your dead computer at your doorstep.
    1. We will diagnose at our home office, fix if possible and return to your doorstep.
    2. If the computer is not fixable, we will attempt to copy your personal files to a USB flash drive and drop it at your doorstep.  Backup service and flash drive are just $65.
  3. We have a small quantity of windows 10 refurbished computer laptops and towers that can be loaned out, so you have a computer.
    1. The computers will be pre-loaded with remote support and computer security software.
    2. We can leave the loaner computer at your doorstep and talk you through how to connect the plugs.
    3. Then I can finish any set-up remotely, including putting your files on the computer, if you want.
    4. If you decide to keep the computer once stay-at-home is relaxed, we are selling them for $325 completely secured and set up.
  4. I can help you shop online for a newer computer, ship to my home office, set it up, drop it at your doorstep, and finish the installation remotely.


  1. We have a limited number of USB printer cables, which I can drop at your door, then install your printer remotely.
  2. If the pages come out blank, you probably need new ink cartridges.  You can order them online at Office Depot, Walmart or Staples.
  3. I can help you shop online for a new printer, and remotely install it after it is delivered to your door.

If there is any computer service that you need, just call.  I am here to help you as best I can. There is no charge for answering questions or giving advice that takes less than 10 minutes.

Thank you for understanding what we can do to provide service for your computer needs during this most unusual of times in our history.

In the interim, BE WELL!

Linda Lindquist
Owner, Computer and Internet Help