Protect Your PCs Coaching Program Now Open

Linda Lindquist, 239-567-0104

Now that we have addressed what it takes to detect and remove malware, protect the security of your computer, and secure your personal files on a backup, you may be asking if you can implement the same solutions.  Computer techs may wonder if you can apply this to your client's computers, sell their client's on the value, and increase revenue, just not create more work for yourselves.

I found that my clients love the results of having a lasting malware-free computer experience.  I coach computer techs in the process, how to become a reseller of the security software, how to increase revenue and profit by implementing solutions that work, and how to service clients on an annual, recurring basis.

My next coaching session for computer techs, Protect Your PCs, is open for registration until August 14th.  Coaching sessions occur on August 17, 19, 24, 26, and 31.  You get:

  • 15 hours of coaching
  • my book
  • a resource list
  • client notes template for implementing the process
  • introduction to my reseller sources
  • introduction to my mentor (for a deeper dive into malware and ransomware removal)
  • video replays of each coaching session
  • private facebook group for students of Protect Your PCs
  • access to me if you run into malware issues that you need advice about

The coaching allows you to quickly implement security solutions and recurring service for your customers, passing on to you my 14 years of perfecting this process in just a couple weeks.  I am passionate about stopping the scammers who are taking advantage of home computer users, and want to empower you to better protect them with a guaranteed, proven  process that also makes your business more profitable.

The coaching package price is just $297. 

To register, contact me at  or 239-567-0104.  For the next five (5) days, I am accepting a limited number of computer techs into the next coaching session.