In the past few years, many of you have called when you need help. I very much appreciate your trust in my ability to be able to help you.


Sometimes, I have given my clients advice about the solution to their computer problems, send them on their way, and asked them to called me to tell me that my advice worked. It almost always has worked. If the call took less than 15 minutes, I performed this service pro-Bono (without charges).


Sometimes, due to the nature of the problem, we need to make an appointment for diagnosis and solution, for which I charge $50 an hour.


Beginning, October 1, 2023, there will be a charge for phone call consultation. A flat $50 will be charged on your first call where I solve your problem over the phone. You will receive the following benefits and access to my expertise:

  • 1. The ability to call me for phone consultation about computer help during the following year
  • 2. Access to my Open Office Hours over Zoom on the second Friday each month from 1 - 2 PM ET where you can ask any device related questions.


Please continue to call me when you need help. Often, I can resolve your computer issues by talking you through the solution on the phone. Thank you for understanding that I need to be compensated for sharing my valuable expertise and computer advice with you.


I am committed to protecting your computers at an affordable price. Thank you for trusting me to keep your computers healthy. Contact us at 239-567-0104 when it is time to renew your protection software, to arrange for training, or if you need computer and internet help. Be well. 


By Linda Lindquist,  September 18, 2023