Repeat after me …

  • Microsoft never calls you!
  • Microsoft does not talk (scare) you into letting them into your computer.
  • Microsoft does not convince you to buy their tech support in $500 gift cards!
  • Microsoft does not ask for your banking and credit card information.

The callers are scammers, after your money, identity, and computer information.  Do you get it now?

Hang up the phone!  Do not talk to them. Do not let them into your computer.  Do not give them money, banking / credit card information, or any other personal information.  Call me, your tech support.

It pains me every time I hear another senior citizen believing that it is Microsoft calling to help them.  I get angry every time I hear that another senior citizen has given the fake tech support scammer money for support that they will never receive. It frustrates me that it takes another several hours to detect and remove the malicious software that the scammer put on your computer, and to put back the good security software that the scammer removed. If you do not call them, your computer will not need my support services!

By now, you may be tired of me harping on this one topic.  It is the most prevalent scam targeting our senior citizens.  I will not give up until you get it!

I am passionate about protecting you – my clients!  But I can only do so much.  The rest is up to you to not fall for their lies. 

They are not Microsoft.  Microsoft creates the operating system on your computer.  They do not call to drum up tech support business!

Read my lips, and repeat after me … The callers are scammers!

Be well!  And believe me that it is not Microsoft calling.

Linda Lindquist
Protecting Your PCs